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Your personal data

We will only keep a record of your personal data when it is required by law or to fulfil our contractual obligations. We do not share your data or use it for marketing purposes.

A copy of any data held can be requested by email to, providing adequate evidence of identity and it will be provided without due delay and within one calendar month.

Personal data will be only be revalidated in the event of follow up orders. Due to the data only being used when required for core business and legislative purposes no requests for restrictions, right to be forgotten, erasure or portability of data will be accepted. Objections to the use of personal data must be raised prior to any accepted order and in the event of a conflict with our requirements may result in refusal or cancellation of any order or agreement.

Our privacy policy statement and any impact assessments will be reviewed every two years or upon change of business requirements. Existing customers that may be impacted by any change will be informed in writing at the earliest opportunity.

In the event of any breach of personal data any impacted customers and the ICO will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any questions please email